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Mobility support

We are all too familiar with the feeling of soreness that comes following strenuous exercise! We feel inflammation in our muscles and in our joints and we hope for that feeling to go away as quickly as possible. But did you know that this phenomenon also happens to your dog?

Indeed, active dogs are exposed to stresses and strains that go over and above those experienced by sedentary dogs. Exercise causes short-term inflammation through the actions of various compounds in the body such as pro-inflammatory cytokines and eicosanoids. This phenomenon is observed in many species, including humans, horses, and dogs! The good news is that some dietary factors may help in reducing the post-exercise inflammation and may help promote prompt exercise recovery. At Vetdiet®, the health and wellbeing of your pet being our priority, we sought to develop a formula specifically designed to help active dogs recover more quickly from exercise and to help with mobility.

How Nutrition Affects Mobility

Your dog’s diet has a tremendous impact on your dog’s ability to move freely and to recover from strenuous exercise. Many dietary factors can help with maintaining joint health, such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega-3 fatty acids. Another important factor to consider is your dog’s weight.

Making sure your dog is at a healthy weight for their size and breed is absolutely key to help them maintain healthy mobility throughout their life. All Vetdiet® formulas are designed with these factors in mind.

Diet can also have an impact on your dog’s ability to recover from exercise. As mentioned earlier, exercise induces transient inflammation and while inflammation is necessary in order to promote blood flow to the affected areas, too much inflammation can prolong the recovery process. With the health and wellbeing of pets being our priority, we sought out to develop a formula that would not only include the dietary factors mentioned above, but that would also hasten the post-exercise recovery process in dogs.

Vetdiet® Research on Mobility

We conducted a research study to test the effects of a novel mobility blend, a mix of butyric acid and polyphenols, on the inflammatory response in dogs following exercise. The study was conducted using active dogs where for 28 days, half of them received a diet supplemented with the mobility blend whereas the other half received the same diet, without the mobility blend. We measured various pro-inflammatory compounds such as interleukin-1, prostaglandin E2 and resolvin D1 before exercise, 2 hours post-exercise, and 6 hours post-exercise.

We observed significant differences in the inflammatory response between the two groups. Dogs that had received the mobility blend were better at mitigating the effects of post-exercise inflammation. These results indicate that the diet of active dogs when supplemented with our mobility blend may help maintain healthy mobility in dogs.

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