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30 years of expertise

30 years of expertise

2023 marked our 30th anniversary: 30 years of dedication and relentless work, shaped by our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Over two decades during which we have been offering you the very best dietary options for your pets.  It’s our way of helping ensure they lead a healthy lifestyle, so that they may continue to be that playful pet companion for your family, who fills your home with warmth.

A family-run business dedicated to animals

A family-run business dedicated to animals

Having spent several years working in the family business, third generation entrepreneurs Jules and Philippe Legault have always been known for their strong entrepreneurial spirit, their relentless need for innovation and their desire to constantly raise the bar within an industry they feel passionate about: the pet industry.

Having established trusted relationships with a large number of pet parents, coupled with in-depth knowledge of their needs acquired through years of experience as a leading Canadian retailer of pet products, Jules and Philippe surrounded themselves with a team of experts with the intent of carrying out one of their most ambitious projects: to develop premium-quality dog and cat food. As devoted pet parents themselves, their greatest concern was, and always will be, ensuring they offer outstanding food products that optimize pet health. So it was in 1993 that this family of great entrepreneurs who are so passionate about pets officially launched the Vetdiet® brand. Everything was in place to ensure the success of this venture.

A stronger, ever-growing team, as devoted as ever

A stronger, ever-growing team, as devoted as ever

In keeping with the ongoing commitment of Vetdiet® to always offer the very best, the team has grown and welcomed into its ranks renowned experts from a variety of disciplines: veterinarians, formulators, our doctors of animal nutrition, and other professionals, all dedicated to developing premium pet food products of the highest standards. They all have the following in common: a dedication to excellence and a love of animals.

MIRA, stronger than ever

MIRA, stronger than ever

The story of the Legault brothers and MIRA is one of friendship, devotion and cooperation that has spanned more than 20 years. It is a partnership rooted in the belief that animals play a prominent role in human well-being, in particular by helping individuals with visual or physical impairments, or with autism spectrum disorders gain greater self-sufficiency and achieve a higher degree of social inclusion. 2015 marked an important milestone in this long-standing partnership; the Vetdiet® brand was selected as the official dog food for all MIRA dogs, as it perfectly meets the nutritional needs of these highly esteemed dogs.

As evidenced by our history, we care as deeply about your pet's health as you do

We believe that teaming up with the very best pet nutrition experts enables us to continue to be innovative, to stay current with the most up to date knowledge to further enhance our skills, and in doing so, become an industry leader in the field of food science and technology.

We offer a wide array of expertly formulated products, such as dry and wet food and a range of treats and healthy snacks, that you and your pet companion can fully trust.
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Ensuring the optimal health of pets, whether ours or your own, is at the root of everything we do. This means natural premium ingredients, full transparency, innovative thinking and ideas, and a nutritional philosophy that is backed by our team of experts.

Let there be no doubt: We have big ambitions and we constantly strive to exceed the standards we set for ourselves to ensure your pet’s well-being.

The fourth generation of the Legault family is proudly moving forward in implementing this shared vision.

Our mission

To offer outstanding and innovative pet food products that optimize pet health by creating the perfect balance between science and nature.

Our promise

We are dedicated to providing a proactive approach to premium nutrition that allows you to feed your pet with confidence.

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