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Healthy cat food for
the perfect energy balance

Knowing what diet is the best for your cat means you need to understand their energy first, especially in regards to three areas:

All food provides energy and nutrients, but not all cat food is the same. By balancing the energy and nutrients for age, lifestyle and activity, Vetdiet® cat food is formulated to provide a more personalized approach. Selecting the right cat food for your cat will ensure you are providing them with the best possible diet for a healthy life.

What is energy?

Energy can be understood as the capacity for work or vigorous activity. Animals, including humans and cats, get energy from food.

The primary nutrients in food are carbohydrates, protein and fat, which can all provide energy. However, the body processes each one of these nutrients differently through digestion and metabolism.

Vetdiet® cat food is formulated to deliver specific profiles of these nutrients to meet the unique needs of cats based on age, lifestyle and activity.

Energy is usually represented as metabolizable energy (ME), measured in calories or kilocalories per kilogram of food. You will find this on our cat food packages listed as kcal/kg and kcal/cup.

Healthy cat food for sustained energy

Some cats are naturally highly active and spend time outdoors exerting a high level of energy. These cats require a diet with a higher calorie level from protein and fat, which provides a more sustained level of energy.

What kind of diet is the best for my active cat?

Cat food that is rich in protein and fat provides better sustained energy to help support higher levels of activity.

Healthy cat food for growing kittens

Kittens have specific nutrient and energy requirements than adult cats and require different levels of energy and nutrients. A kitten that grows too fast or too slow from overfeeding or underfeeding can experience permanent development defects.

What kind of diet is the best for my growing kitten?

Kitten diets must provide the right level of energy with the right balance of nutrients to meet specific needs for growth and development. Vetdiet® kitten formula is balanced to provide optimal levels of nutrients and energy to support the healthy growth of kittens.

Energy and vitality

Feeding our cats with high-quality cat food is important if we want them to be healthy and have the energy and strength to play. It is essential to provide the basic nutrition that supports a healthy and active lifestyle.

What Vetdiet® has to offer

To deliver the energy and vitality your cat needs, their diet must be composed of the right balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients such as deboned chicken and eggs are used in Vetdiet® cat food to provide high-quality protein, along with natural sources of carbohydrates from rice, barley and sweet potatoes, and balanced vitamins and minerals.

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