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Responsible Feeding

We know that lifelong pet health starts with feeding pets to maintain a healthy body weight. Managing a pet’s caloric needs begins with a complete and balanced diet designed for their lifestage and activity level. For dogs, this also includes breed size. At Vetdiet®, we balance every formula to target the energy and nutrient needs of pets based on nutritional science. We developed detailed feeding guidelines on every package of food to help pet parents meet their pet’s precise needs. We offer educational tools to help pet parents provide the best nutrition for their pet to maintain a healthy body weight for lifelong pet health.

We call the practice of helping your pet maintain the best health, responsible feeding. We define responsible feeding as; Feeding a pet appropriately to maintain a healthy body weight to meet the pet’s energy and nutrient needs based on lifestage, breed size, activity and health.

Responsible feeding is the practice of balancing your pet’s nutritional and calorie needs. When your pet is eating a complete and balanced Vetdiet® pet food, you can ensure that you are meeting your pet’s nutritional needs. When you follow the feeding guidelines on your pet’s food, you are providing all of the nutrition and calories required by your pet. When feeding treats in addition to your pet’s food, you are providing additional calories. At Vetdiet® we want what is best for your pet. We list the calorie content on all of our food packages to help you make an informed decision when feeding your pet. We recommend feeding amounts based on the nutrient and calorie requirements of your pet. No matter what treats you feed you should limit your pet’s intake of calories from treats to no more than 10% of their daily caloric intake. You should reduce the calories of your pet’s main meal by 10% to account for these added calories.

Choosing the right food is the most important part of responsible feeding for a pet parent. Knowing your pet’s nutritional needs based on lifestage, breed size and lifestyle is the first step. Learning what the appropriate body condition and ideal body weight for your pet is the next step. Following the feeding guideline on the package is the final step once you have selected the best product. We recommend starting with the appropriate body weight listed on the package. This weight represents ideal body weight and may not be the current weight of your pet. We always suggest that you discuss your pet’s body condition with your veterinarian and work with them if you need a weight-loss program. You can always contact our nutrition experts at Vetdiet® to help you with any feeding recommendation.

At Vetdiet we are focused on providing you with the most up-to-date science-based information to help you feed your pet for lifelong health. We are always working to develop new ways to help you do what is best for your pet. Occasionally, we offer promotions to help you feed your pet in the best way possible. When we develop products, we always include responsible feeding as one of the criteria for our foods.

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