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Adult Dog Food (1-7 years old)

What is adult dog food?

We know that your dog is unique. That’s why Vetdiet® formulas are specially designed to meet their specific needs all throughout their life. Creating diets that promote pet health at each lifestage is a key part of our nutritional approach.

Nutrition plays a much greater role in your dog’s health than you might realize, well beyond providing them with the basic nutrients they require.

What makes the best adult dog food?

When looking for the best adult dog food, you should look for food that is complete and balanced, and specially formulated to provide the right balance of nutrients to meet the specific needs of your dog for their age, activity level and breed size.

Feeding natural food that uses meat and whole ingredients to provide functional benefits is important for promoting lifelong health.

What is the best feeding schedule for my adult dog?

Depending on your schedule and what is more efficient for you, your adult dog can be fed once or twice a day.

However, it is recommended you feed your dog smaller meals twice a day to help promote digestive function, especially with small breed dogs, as they have smaller stomachs.

What adult dog food is best for my indoor dog?

If your adult dog is an indoor dog, it is important you feed them accordingly, since they will need fewer calories due to their activity level. You may have to watch their weight, as they will be more prone to excess weight gain than dogs that spend more time outside or work.

At Vetdiet®, we know that not all dogs are the same, so we formulate our food to meet their varying needs. Each formula supports a specific energy need and should be fed at the level required to maintain your dog’s healthy body weight. All our dog food comes with a feeding guide that gives the recommended amount to feed your pet based on their activity level.

What adult dog food should I use if I have several adult dogs?

Some adult dog food such as Vetdiet® Adult – small bites all breeds is ideal for households with several dogs of different breed sizes. While some dogs prefer a smaller kibble, all breed sizes can appreciate the smaller format. Plus, it’s simply a more convenient option.

Should I choose wet or dry adult dog food?

Choosing the right food type is a decision that can be made with the help of your veterinarian.

You should always keep in mind your dog’s nutritional requirements, ensuring you provide them with a healthy balance of nutrients from quality ingredients. This is true whether you choose to give them both wet and dry at different times of the day, mix them together in the same bowl or even use wet food as an occasional treat.

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