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Adult Cat Food (1-10 years old)

What makes the best adult cat food?

Every cat has a different lifestyle. The best adult cat food for one cat might not be the same for another. It will change according to their energy level, age, lifestyle and overall health. The best food for your cat is the one that is chosen based on these factors.

What adult cat food is best for my indoor cat?

If your adult cat is an indoor cat, you may have to watch their weight, as they will be more prone to excess weight gain than cats who go outside.

Since they use less energy than an outdoor cat, a cat that lives indoors needs fewer calories and should be fed accordingly.

At Vetdiet®, we formulate our food to meet the needs of cats based on their lifestyle and activity level. We provide specific formulas for cats that need either a lower or higher calorie intake.

Dry or wet food: What is the best food for my adult cat?

To be able to select the right food for your adult cat, you must first weigh the advantages of both canned and dry food.

The advantages of dry adult cat food

Dry adult cat food has several advantages:

  • Crunchy kibble helps scrape dental plaque away for a cleaner mouth.
  • It provides sustained energy, as it is more calorie-dense than wet food and higher in fiber.
  • It’s convenient. It will not spoil as easily as wet food.

The advantages of wet adult cat food

Wet adult cat food has several advantages:

  • It has a higher amount of meat and a lower level of carbohydrates.
  • There are fewer calories per gram/ounce, which helps with managing weight.
  • It has a higher moisture content, which helps with hydration and increases urinary output to help avoid urinary crystals.

What does premium cat food offer?

The food you choose for your cat is an important decision. Whether you choose wet, dry or a combination, you should alway feed your pet according to their nutritional needs.

Always follow the feeding recommendations on the packaging, as they are different for each food. In general, wet food contains a higher percentage of water, which means that you will need to feed more grams/ounces than dry food to deliver the same level of nutrients and calories.

When choosing a premium pet food such as Vetdiet®, you can select the right food for your cat based on their age, lifestyle and any special needs they may have. Feeding them a diet that uses premium ingredients and is formulated for their health is the best way to ensure you are providing your cat with everything they need.

The approach taken by Vetdiet®

At Vetdiet®, we use the latest natural nutrition research to identify the optimal nutrient balance to support the needs of adult cats. All of our food comes with a detailed feeding guide that gives the recommended feeding amounts for the activity level of your pet.

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