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Responsible Treating

Everyone loves to treat their pet. While treats can be a great tool to help train your pet, to give as a reward or to show them you care, they can also add a lot of calories to your pet’s diet. At Vetdiet®, we want what is best for pets and we believe in the practice of responsible treating. Let us tell you more about it.

We know that lifelong pet health starts with feeding pets to maintain a healthy body weight. Managing a pet’s caloric needs begins with a complete and balanced diet designed for their lifestage, breed size for dogs and activity level. We believe treating can be a great way to bond with your pet, as a reward or just because. Like you, we want the best for your pet and we have taken a stance on treats that will help you make the best decision in feeding. We have created a plan called responsible treating where we offer advice on how to best combine Vetdiet® treats with Vetdiet® main meal.

Responsible treating is the practice of balancing your pet’s nutritional and calorie needs with main meal and treats. When your pet is eating a complete and balanced pet food such as Vetdiet®, you can ensure that you are meeting your pet’s nutritional needs. When you follow the feeding guidelines on your pet’s food, you are providing all of the nutrition and calories required by your pet. When feeding treats in addition to your pet’s food, you are adding additional calories. At Vetdiet®, we want what is best for your pet. We list the calorie content on all of our food and treat packages to help you make an informed decision when feeding your pet. We recommend feeding amounts based on the nutrient and calorie requirements of your pet.

Look for the responsible treating seal on Vetdiet® treats. All of our treats are designed to meet our standards on calories per day. We provide a detailed feeding recommendation on all of our treats based on the size of your pet. You can find these recommendations from our experts listed on the back of every package. We recommend that you feed no more than 10% of your pet’s daily calorie requirement in treats. Since the recommendation on Vetdiet® food provides all of the calories your pet needs, you should reduce the amount of food that you feed to your pet accordingly. All Vetdiet® food and treats list the calories per cup, can or treat. You can reduce the amount of main meal based on the calories in the treats that you fed.

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